Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hen and Chicks Get Spotted

Hen and Chicks Get Spotted

 We got together for the annual Hen and Chicks party on the 23rd of March.

We got together at my house this year.  We went with a polka dot theme and centered the party around getting to know about our women ancestors.

The older generation fared better on our little ancestry quiz and were awarded these crocheted star headbands.

Some of the younger generation didn't fare as well and were awarded these crocheted mustaches.  Thanks to Lucy Dahl for her crocheting skills.

Is Kim guarding the food table or did she slyly sneak one of the delicious cake balls she made or the dipped strawberries Rebecca made?  Looking a little like she got caught!

Speaking of getting caught at the food table.

We all tried to help Lucy overcome her fear of hugging.  Audrey really got into it.

 My brood.

                                             Grace's brood.

                                                                            Lucy's brood.

Heather got stuck with the aunts.

Jenny, Kristin, and Lucy Dahl flew the coop early since they were driving back to Utah, so we didn't get a picture of Ellen's or Jenny's brood. Mom went home early too since she wasn't feeling so great.  

BUT we weren't quite ready to end the fun so we played Reverse Charades for a while.

                                             This team got into it.

And they ended up winning.

It was probably Ellen's partial striptease that put them on top.  Audrey is looking like she wants no part of that action.  Bobbi and Kim are just amazed and Pam is saying "Bring it on!"

Not sure what this was about.  I didn't dare ask.


We each took home a little set of hen and chicks to remember  our 2013 get together.

We had to have our annual "everybody make a funny face" picture.  Sometimes I wonder if it is really necessary to tell everyone to try to make a funny face.  Somethings just come naturally.

Until next year girls!

Keep on cluckin'



Mardi said...

Always a good time. Great pictures!!

Becca's Blog said...

Great Hen and Chicks!

I especially love the picture of Grace's brood. Haaaaa go Grace!

Lucy said...

Great party. I'm glad you blogged it for us. There's always something to make it a night to remember. This year.....probably the strip tease :)

Cassie said...

Always sad to miss a party, but mostly this one.
I love you guys!

USA said...

This was such a fun night! (By far my favorite Hens & Chicks gathering!) Everyone just seemed so relaxed and ready to have an enjoyable time! Thanks so much for hosting it and putting on such a fun theme! You all go to SO much work and it always turns out so great! Thanks!